5/27/2016 — Blocked by facebook after Earthquake strikes West Coast California — Unable to make new posts

I have been officially BLOCKED from making new posts on facebook on all my public pages except my private “personal” page.

DutchsinseOfficial is blocked, and Adepto ‘er Perfectus is also blocked from making any new posts.

(they have not yet blocked my website from posting! whoops!)

banned by facebook

We checked other peoples pages, and they are not having a problem.

Tatoott1009, a moderator on a few of my pages, is ALSO locked out from posting.  This is proof we’ve been shut off.

This is censorship plain and simple.


The reason I was blocked…..  an earthquake just struck the West Coast in California in the exact location which I warned in the earthquake forecast issued 4 days ago.

We know that professionals are on my pages having some seriously bad things to say about me (to me) directly.

Would the government professionals team up with social media to censor a channel who contradicts their false proclamations on this important topic (earthquake forecasting)?

Yes, they would.

m4.5 earthquake gorda escarpment coast of california may 27 2016

Now we see the forecast is spot on, the area West of Eureka has been hit, and as soon as the earthquake struck they took down my ability to post to my public facebook pages without warning, notice, or explanation.



Here is the earthquake forecast video in question:


Magnitude 4.5 mw
Locationuncertainty 40.427°N 125.289°W± 1.4 km
Depthuncertainty 2.3 km± 27.8
Origin Time
Number of Stations 126
Number of Phases 119
Minimum Distance 81.0 km (0.73°)
Travel Time Residual 0.32 s
Azimuthal Gap 242°


5/23/2016 — Supervolcano discovered at the North Pole — Mount Dutch undersea super volcano caldera

An earthquake swarm broke out near the North pole over the past few days (May 21-23, 2016).

mount dutch supervolcano may 23 2016 earthquake swarm


Upon inspection of the area, I found an UNNAMED supervolcano at the Northernmost portion of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, at the tip of the North Pole.
Coordinates of the caldera here:

81 32 38.90 N , 119 48 1.02 E

mount dutch north pole supervolcano may 23 2016 a

mount dutch north pole supervolcano may 23 2016


I hearby declare that the unnamed / undiscovered super-volcano at the North Pole, the location of the earthquake swarm currently happening… is now to be called Mount Dutch.

The supervolcano resides at the far North Tip of the North Mid-Atlantic ridge, and is not just a “volcanic field” like the professionals have reported.

A supervolcano caldera measuring 110km / 68 miles long, and 48km / 30 miles wide is at the location in question.

mount dutch supervolcano 68 miles long

In perspective, this supervolcano is larger than Toba Supervolcano in Indonesia, and greater than the overall size  of Yellowstone in Wyoming.

Toba Supervolcano is approximately 60 miles long and 25 miles wide.

toba supervolcano

Yellowstone Supervolcano is approximately 60 miles across (100km).

f-d 9802d8ea4b4859e498230cb04ebc2e563ab5b006f3508da1a4a6ce05+IMAGE+IMAGE.1


As the discoverer of this undersea supervolcano at the North Pole, I think it would be very prudent at this point to begin a study of the location in detail.

Hopefully we can find out much more about this location now that we’ve determined a super-volcano caldera is present.

The “Mount Dutch” North Pole supervolcano caldera needs MUCH more investigation.



Earthquake swarm information at the North Pole from the USGS:



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