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3/24/2012 — Volcanic plume erupts from New Mexico DORMANT volcano

watch the video update here:


Carrizozo lavic fields — New Mexico .

Starting yesterday afternoon (3/23/2012) going into sunset … a plume of some sort erupted from VERY close (13 miles) to the Carrizozo Lavic/Volcanic fields.  Coordinates of the plume epicenter/origin point…  33°48’50.13″N , 106° 4’55.15″W

For sure it is NOT a fire (pictures show DIRT and DESERT).. NOT a dust devil (too big and stay stationary at origin point) .. NOT a thunderstorm (clear day / plume comes from ground source) .. NOT military target practice (public area).

screenshots from College of Dupage Weather Center :  view the 1km VISIBLE Satellite view (3/23/2012 going into sunset).

If its not a fire, dust devil, military test, or weather… then…. What does that leave us?


1. It erupts very close to a dormant volcano

2. There are no forests to burn and pictures actually show straight DIRT and DESERT

3. Clear day, no storms or even cloud cover

4. Point of origin from single point on the ground

5. Not military testing (public area)

6. Erupts in the afternoon into sunset like ALL THE OTHERS

Im not going to give a long drawn out explanation.. at this point.. people should know by now where I stand on this whole matter.

Simply put, we are witnessing a venting of some sort coming from a dormant volcano —- this is due to the EXTREME pressure on the north American Craton (laurentia) .  We are seeing activity across the board.. strange rumbles in the middle of the craton (wisconsin).. and steam venting at OTHER dormant volcanic spots along the edge of the plate (link to videos covering previous plume events is below).

I say across the board literally.. from the west coast to the east coast.. earthquakes at dormant volcanoes, reports of rumbles and strange odors from near dormant volcanoes/deep earth fracking sites.

It should be obvious by now.  The north american plate is in a REAL state of unrest — we are seeing the signs of heavy movement… for instance.. see the my video below about yellowstone having some very strange signatures.. and also I speak about the Wisconsin rumbles..


More on Carrizozo lavic fields here:

Carrizozo volcano

cinder cones 1731 m / 5,679 ft
New Mexico, Canada and USA (mainland), 33.78°N / -105.93°W
Current status: dormant
Typical eruption style: effusive
Carrizozo volcano eruptions: 3250 BC ± 500 years

The massive Carrizozo lava flow is one of Earth’s longest known lava flows that were erupted in the past 10,000 years. The basalt flow is 50 m thick, 75 km long, 1-5 km wide and was mainly fed by lava tubes.


The vent of the Carrizozo lava flow is a broad low basaltic shield on the floor of the Tularosa Basin, east of the Rio Grande Rift, topped by Little Black Peak, a small cinder cone with 3 nested craters and a frozen lava lake.
The flow reached a length of 75 km extending into the Tularosa Basin of south-central New Mexico. Its total volume is estimated 4.3 cubic km.
It is similar to the presently active lava flow field of Kilauea volcano on Hawai’i, and believed to have been produced by a persistent single eruption that might have lasted a few decades.
A surface exposure age of about 5200 years Before Present was obtained for the Carrizozo lava flow, the second youngest in New Mexico. An older lava flow traveled 16 km south and 11 km east from Broken Back crater.

Source: GVP Carrizozo volcano information

If you’re new to the subject, and want to get up to speed on this development.. please start here:…1978l37333l0l38262l99l99l22l0l0l0l145l6148l76j1l77l0.

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3/4/2012 — Steaming Plumes appear in Arkansas = DORMANT VOLCANOES BEING FRACKED !


It took me a minute to find it — but now you can see it for sure — a Fracking (frac well drilling) operation JUST WEST of the Plume area — so all together we have a giant natural gas frack operation — a series of dormant volcanoes, town names like Sulphur Springs, Hot Springs, and Crater of Diamonds/Murfreesboro — the plumes appear on VISIBLE SATELLITE from space.. only for a short time , at MULTIPLE SITES always near sunset… and gone by the AM (thus ruling out a large fire of some kind).

To me, IMO, it has all the pieces there to put together.. a geologic steaming event of some kind … the steam is coming from this dormant volcanic area BEING FRACKED (injected with water) !!!!!

Great idea to INJECT WATER into an area permeated with old deep volcanic tubes connected to very old magma chambers…….. I think it is highly possible that water injected from this nearby fracking operation could indeed cause a STEAM PLUME event to occur at the dormant volcano chain right next door !

Not a good development for the area. This increases the chances of a larger seismic event along the New Madrid Seismic Zone… and may indeed be the VERY CAUSE of our recent midwest earthquake uptick… now there is a DIRECT CONNECTION between fracking / dormant volcanoes / and plumes appearing .

todays plumes seen in the 3/3 video:

35 14 21.13 N , 93 28 53.62 W location of the most current plume appearing on visible satellite = west of Sulphur Springs AR.

34°46’11.98″N , 94°11’33.94″W location of the 2nd plume (central west Arkansas) near the state line .

Here are the past two videos on the subject:

3/3/2012 — A must see if you want to know what Im talking about in this current video above:

Original Video from 3/1/2012 showing multiple plumes, multiple areas at the same time erupting(appearing):

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