10/20/2016 — Japan struck as the earthquake forecast called for — Asia unrest taking place now

Japan has been struck by noteworthy earthquake activity AS EXPECTED.  They had a full 24 hour warning for this movement to occur.



As the earthquake forecast called for, now central Japan has been struck by the largest earthquake of the day.

See the full update on the activity which struck here:


Japan was warned a full 24 hours prior to the earthquake occurring. After many days with little to no larger activity, now we see the coast of Japan has been struck by a M5.4 earthquake as expected.

Additionally, the mid-atlantic ridge was struck as expected, a swarm broke out in Italy, and multiple earthquakes struck across Asia.

See the warning which was issued for Japan, the mid-atlantic, and Asia here… this warning was issued a full day before the earthquakes occurred:


10/17/2016 — Earthquake Progression across 4,000+ miles! M6.4 strikes China after M6.9 in West Pacific

A vast area of the West Pacific and Asia were displaced over the past 12 hours which resulted in two similar sized earthquakes across 4,000+ miles / 6,700km distance.

Starting 12 hours prior with a M6.9 earthquake in Papua New Guinea, pressure then transferred to the West, which caused an additional M6.4 earthquake in China , North of Myanmar.



Information on this new M6.4 earthquake from the USGS:

2016-10-17 07:14:50 UTC
32.910°N   94.872°E
32.1 km depth


This westward pressure transfer is something I have talked about at length for several years, explaining in many videos how pressure transfers West from the West Pacific while causing similar sized earthquakes over vast distances.

See my past post(s) regarding this very intriguing topic:


Watch the video explanation here:


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