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Tatoot1009 covers events that I am not able, and in some cases not willing to cover (due to controversial topics) .

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Tatoott1009 has been a good friend to me over the years, and has stuck by through even the toughest online battles.

I consider tat to be one of the best video makers I know of, his content is always from the heart, and 100% no-spin .   I know he is telling me the unadulterated truth when he reports.

Above: Random screenshot of tatoott1009 laying out the truth on a topic. No glitz or glamor, no script or product to sell — tatoott keeping it real.

Finding a person who is not concerned with “making money”, and someone who is not seeking “popularity” online is very hard — this is why I admire Tatoott1009 — he will not sell out, no matter the price, or the fame offered.

I’ve seen him turn down the “offer”, as I did in the past as well.  This means more than you know to the type of news he (we) provide.

If you sell out, guess what, your news starts to become watered down, and friendly to the NWO agenda.

Tat is not friendly to the NWO, and will not sell out, thus he gets slammed daily by the “powers that be” — who are hostile to our overall messages.

Thanks to tatoott1009 — like I said — I suggest you subscribe to his channels. 🙂

No Nonsense from tatoott1009– which is something hard to find in video makers these days

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